When it's time for a resole, you have two options.

  1. Contact us to find the next time you can meet us or drop off at a local climbing gym. We currently have a drop box set up at the Boulder House in Victoria where we pick up and drop off shoes weekly. There are Bi-monthly pickups from the drop boxes found at the Romper Room Nanaimo, Ground up Squamish, and the Downtown Vancouver Hive. We have also recently removed the drop box at the Grand Wall Bouldering Coop in Squamish please bring your shoes to Ground Up!

  2. Fill out the online order form, and then send us your shoes.

Whether you are mailing in your shoes or we are picking them up for you, please tag your shoe with your name and contact information as well. When we receive your shoe we will review your order and inspect your shoes. Unless you indicate that you would like to be checked in with before starting work we will use our judgment and start the process. Once work is complete we will send you your invoice. Upon receiving your payment we will ship your shoes back to you or contact you for a rendezvous. At this point we accept cash and e-transfer. Credit card payment is on its way. Please note that if you prefer to pay with cash let us know when we send you the invoice and we will gladly accept your money when we meet to deliver the shoes.

If we feel that your shoes are beyond repair we will ship them back to you or bury them in the graveyard of lost soles. If you feel your shoes are of questionable shape please feel free to email us photos or ask questions before sending in your shoes. However, please keep in mind that sometimes irreparable damage can only be detected once work begins