Terms of Service


Climbing shoe repair can be dangerous. Sometimes irreparable damage may not be detected until the resole process begins. this can especially be the case when shoes have been very very well loved and the “upper” materiel on the bottom of the shoe begins to disintegrate. We will do whatever we can to catch irreparable damage and/or bring new life to your shoe but please be advised that we do not take responsibility for shoes which can not be saved. If we find that this is the case with your shoe we will contact you at which time you can request us to compost your shoe or send it back for you to mourn with.

Some important details you should know;

  1. We only fix pairs of shoes except for in the case of adaptive climbers

  2. We make every effort to resole the shoe with sole only but reserve the right to decide on the basis of what we feel is necessary and possible for your shoe.

  3. Match to original means “match as close as possible to original.” We offer four kinds of rubber and in many cases can provide the exact rubber, in cases which we cannot we chose the rubber which was closest to what you originally had on the shoe.

If you are unsatisfied with the quality of your shoe repair please contact us immediately. Our intention is to provide the highest quality craftmanship available and your concern is our concern. Guaranteed.

Most importantly, climbing is dangerous. We do not take any responsibility for any injury/death or damages resulting from you participating in this activity. By agreeing with the terms and services you waive any liability to “West Coast Resoles” and agree to the above mentioned terms of service. Take care of yourselves out there!